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Adult electric scooters help battle Covid-19

With the outbreak of Covid-19 also known as the Corona Virus public transport has been pretty much a no go area for much of the public. Public businesses such as commercial gyms, kid zones and other such businesses have had to close to the public to help stop the spread of Covid-19. Soon after public transport was also seen as an area where the virus could easily be spread amongst the population. Many people began driving to work instead of taking the bus or dart and others simply began working from home to avoid using public transport.

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With that said some people still need to get to work and many have resorted to cycling to work in order to avoid continuation on the bus, dart or Luas. Other essential workers however have resorted to a more modern form of personal transport which is that of the adult electric scooter.

Most adult electric scooters have a range of over 20kms which is more than enough for most people to get to work. Although the law on these vehicles is unclear in times like these electric scooter laws are certainly not a top priority. Adult electric scooter sales have seen a huge increase in recent weeks as people do their best to get to work on their own terms.

There is also talk of giving free passes to essential workers in order for them to use public bike schemes such as Dublin bikes. This would also allow workers to avoid the bus or train in order to get to work, again decreasing their chances of getting infected.

The HSE are also considering moving nurses who live with each other into separate accommodation in order to avoid a cluster of infections spreading more easily into different hospitals. These are truly challenging times and the pressure on health staff cannot be over stated.We can all do our best to help the situation by staying at home and listening to the governments guidelines.

Our TV boxes still relevant in 2020?

It seems like they have been around for an age but really android boxes only first burst on the scene around 2013. For most people they were not really sure what they were or how to use them but within a year or two they were one of the best selling products on Amazon and almost every home had one. So are they really relevant today with the popularity of other competing products like the smart TV or the firestick or even the Chromecast that has become so popular?

Well the short answer is yes they are still popular and they are still relevant. In fact many homes operate with just a TV box and internet due to the crazy amount that TV companies are now charging. Simply put many cannot afford it and it is just as good to have an android TV box with one of the most popular apps like Netflix to watch your favorite shoes when you want.

TV box

Of course live TV has its place, especially when it comes to watching sports and the UFC have proven that the pay per view model is still a thing. But even companies like the UFC are moving to an all digital experience with Fight pass becoming a huge hit in the USA. When companies leading the way in digital TV are heading to an all digital type of delivery then everyone else needs to take notice.

Soon all TV will be digital it’s just a matter of how that will work and on what platform will be used. Traditional TV channels will be forced to go digital or else they will die as rating have gotten worse and worse for most TV channels. Some hit shows like Love Island still manage to get huge ratings but normal TV as a whole is not doing so good. TV boxes are not the cause of this but they are an instrument that people who are moving from traditional TV will use to get digital TV on their old TVs.

Refurbished iPhone 7 and 8 now back in stock

The iPhone has changed the world drastically in the last 10 years and they take up a huge share of the market both here in Ireland and abroad but one thing is for sure is that they aren’t cheap. While a used iPhone can be a great deal there are a few things to look out for when going shopping for a refurbished iPhone.

refurbished iphones

Are Refurbished iPhones Good To Buy?

Consumers may be slightly concerned when buying a refurbished iPhone as of course they are a second hand good. So are they OK to buy? Well of course it depends on where you are buying and who you are buying from. Would we recommend buying from a random stranger online…no not really. That is why it is important to buy from a company who specialize in this sort of thing. That way if anything goes wrong you can have them sort it out. We had a quick look around online and see there are a number of stores doing refurbished iPhones. One with good reviews and seems to be around a while is refurbished iPhone store online. For example this company offer a 12 month warranty and they even have pictures of the phones online so you can see before you buy.

Make sure the phone is not stolen:

Stolen iPhones will be blacklisted and again this is why using a good reputable company is another plus. Of course they will not be selling stolen iPhones or if they were they would be out of business pretty quickly! If you are still not happy though you can ask the seller for the iPhone IMEI number and then you can run that check on a stolen phone checker like this one. Just follow the steps on that website and you will be all good.

Make sure the battery is OK:

This is the only real drawback from getting a refurbished iPhone. The batteries will be slightly depleted. They should however be at least 85% of what they were which is about normal for a used iPhone. You can even ask the supplier to add a new battery and pay extra if that is a concern.

So these are all ways to make sure you get an iPhone safely and without spending hundreds of euro. Let us know how you get on :).

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