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Disabled Home Extensions

Applying for a Disabled GrantFrom the first point of contact the main component in a working relationship is trust. When you invite someone in to your home to provide you with a service it is vital that you have confidence in their ability to complete your project to your specification.

We have a vast experience in building extensions for people who can no longer continue living on the second floor of their home. This can be an upsetting time and we are very mindful of the stress and strain that people are under. We can alleviate the stress in completing the project without delay.

Our main objective is we never leave a project for any working day until completion. We run our extensions like clockwork there is a foreman on site at all times and he will arrange each stage accordingly. The material is always ordered in advance to avoid delays.

We can provide references from all our past clients and we are fortunate to have several that are happy to let potential clients into their homes to see our work for themselves.

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