Now that the world has gotten somewhat used to this global pandemic we have gun to look at getting new products in from the far east. We have a huge list of products that we are looking at some of which will include networking products, gaming chairs and office desks to really target the work from home market. We have also launched our own retail store for selling the gaming chairs and you can visit that store at Here we will be adding all sorts of products that can be used in the home and hopefully this will not to be slowed down by the pandemic.

Businesses across the board have had trouble getting stock in from China and other nations as many countries went into full lockdown. It was only a matter of time before that caught up on the stock levels here in Ireland. Many many products were proving difficult to source so our business has pretty much been put on hold since late May and now of course we are in a battle to get stuff in for the Christmas season.

This year we think the home office market will be big and office chairs and gaming chairs are something that we are targeting. Whether we can get enough of these in, in time for Christmas is another issue but we can only work with what we can control.

Reasons Stock Market Charts Are Practically Useless

Of course there is always the chance of going back into a full lock down this winter as the flu season arrives however that would really cripple the economy and I think will be very much a last resort. To check out our products please visit the website.