It seems like they have been around for an age but really android boxes only first burst on the scene around 2013. For most people they were not really sure what they were or how to use them but within a year or two they were one of the best selling products on Amazon and almost every home had one. So are they really relevant today with the popularity of other competing products like the smart TV or the firestick or even the Chromecast that has become so popular?

Well the short answer is yes they are still popular and they are still relevant. In fact many homes operate with just a TV box and internet due to the crazy amount that TV companies are now charging. Simply put many cannot afford it and it is just as good to have an android TV box with one of the most popular apps like Netflix to watch your favorite shoes when you want.

TV box

Of course live TV has its place, especially when it comes to watching sports and the UFC have proven that the pay per view model is still a thing. But even companies like the UFC are moving to an all digital experience with Fight pass becoming a huge hit in the USA. When companies leading the way in digital TV are heading to an all digital type of delivery then everyone else needs to take notice.

Soon all TV will be digital it’s just a matter of how that will work and on what platform will be used. Traditional TV channels will be forced to go digital or else they will die as rating have gotten worse and worse for most TV channels. Some hit shows like Love Island still manage to get huge ratings but normal TV as a whole is not doing so good. TV boxes are not the cause of this but they are an instrument that people who are moving from traditional TV will use to get digital TV on their old TVs.