There are many online businesses that pop up every day of the week. Many are fly by night stores that may be set up with good intentions but people, especially people with little experience realise that running an online business is not all it is cracked up to be. I get hounded by ads every day on Youtube and Instagram about “make X amount per day” online businesses and join this this or that guru program to reach this goal.

Most of these ads are crazy and should be illegal in my opinion. They are very dangerous and people who are naive can put their life savings into something like this and lose it all because a “guru” told them they could quit their job and work from anywhere in the world if they joined their course. The truth is an online business is as difficult if not more difficult to run than an off line business. The same rules apply except that you are competing with the whole world essentially. You have websites in China selling products are very low rates and even though they will provide no customer service or warranty it will still drive down the price.

Review Management For Local Business | Get 5 Star Reviews

A large part to getting a successful business online is to build trust and the only way to do that is to get reviews from customers. This will boost your conversion rate so much and it is so important for your business. So don’t think of how can I make x amount online. Instead think of how can I please this customer so they can leave a good review which will bring in more customers. People will actively Google your website and “reviews”. For example when you Google “ reviews” their page is not the first result and instead it is a competitor that does not good reviews. People who are not internet savvy will not notice that it is a different website.